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Our CEO/Executive Director is departing and we have no succession plan in place and no obvious candidates.

 We can serve as “Interim” while you conduct an executive search.  Meanwhile, if appropriate, we’ll help your board create a new or updated vision for the organization to ensure that the new hire is the right hire.

We’ve suffered a loss of reputation due to the actions of a former employee or Trustee.

 Our professional team will help you re-build your reputation and brand with internal programs to build trust with your staff, Board and donors, and external communications that are smart and consistent.

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Our organization has run a steady course for many years but it’s not growing or “going anywhere.”

You may need a “vision program” and a long-range plan with metrics and accountability, full of actions and realistic goals to build excitement and buy-in around the shared vision of your organization’s future.  Turn to us for help with your planning process.

Our employees are not motivated.  It could be that we have few jobs at the top and they don’t see room to move up.

Creating a long-range plan, involving them in the process and sharing the final document will help them understand where they fit in and what opportunities are coming available as the organization grows and changes.  Also, a compensation plan, with written goals and review processes, will help them see how they can achieve rewards for doing a great job and stretching in what they do. We can help you create your organizational plans.

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Our new leader is skilled in most areas of the job but lacking in one.  He/she needs help.  What can we do?

NWC offers executive coaching for your CEO/Executive Director and key management staff.  We can serve as a resource to your leaders on a day-to-day basis. Let’s talk.

Our programs are successful but not inspired. Right now, it’s a challenge to attract new Board members and donors.  Our leadership is reliable but lacks imagination.

You need new ideas.  You bring them in when you bring us in.


We’d be interested in starting a residency program but don’t know where to begin.

Nancy ran one of the most respected residency programs in the US.  Just give us a call and we will work with you to create a program that is right for your organization and the residents you’ll attract.